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Why won't my Toilet Flush?

If you live in an older apartment in NYC, you have most likely experienced a toilet failing to flush.  If you do not know what you are looking for, trying to figure out why a toilet one flush is a difficult, and often infuriating, experience.  Plumbers in NYC are well trained and know how to fix a toilet bowl with ease.

There are four main problems that cause a toilet bowl to stop flushing. The first is a clogged toilet. No matter what you do, if the toilet is clogged it will not flush. Using a toilet plunger, or auger, may alleviate a small blockage, but if you experience frequent problems you may need to call a plumber in NYC for professional assistance.

Another problem that causes toilets not to flush is if the water level in the tank is too low. The water level in the toilet should be around one inch below the top of a tank's over flow tube.  Sometimes the water supply valve can get accidently shut off, which would inhibit the tank from adequately filling.

One of the most common repairs for a toilet is a broken chain. When you press the toilet lever down, a small chain lifts up a flapper, which causes the toilet to break. If the chain is broken, the toilet cannot flush. A plumber in NYC can simply replace this chain and have your toilet working perfectly in a matter of minutes.

Emergency Services

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