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The Best Plumbing Pipes

There are a lot of different options when it comes to plumbing pipes, but in NYC there are two that are most commonly used: PEX and copper piping. Although you might see PVC or another metal under a sink, PEX and copper are usually used as the pipes that run under floorboards, behind walls, and outside homes. For new buildings, renovations, or major plumbing problems, choosing between PEX and copper becomes an issue. Both pipes are extremely durable and do their jobs rather well. There are distinctions between the two, which makes them not interchangeable. You must think about your needs, and those needs should help determine which is the better pipe to be used.

PEX piping is bendable, which is not the case for copper. This allows for you to work in confined spaces, making installing this piping much easier than installing copper. Considering installation is easier, working with PEX is less expensive than copper. Acquiring the pipes is less expensive as well. It requires less money to produce these pipes. The pipes can withstand high flow rate, as well as handling extreme cold and heat. The price and ease of work make these pipes desirable, but they do have cons. The cannot be overlooked, but they do not out weight the pros

  • 25 year life span
  • Not corrosion Resistant
  • Not fire resistant
  • Cannot/Should be not used outside
  • Not Recyclable

Copper is a heavy-duty pipe that will last and last. It will not last forever, but it last substantially longer than PEX. The life span of copper is between 50 and 100 years, and it really depends on the amount of usage over the years. It can withstand fire, corrosion, and weather, which is something that cannot be said for PEX. It is even argued that copper provides cleaner water. Copper will cost more money upfront, both for buying the pipes and installing them. The price might deter some, but understand that copper will allow you to not need new pipes for almost a lifetime.

There is a time and place for both pipes, and sometimes it is difficult to decide all alone. Making the right decision can help you avoid calling an emergency plumber in NYC, New York. A plumber in New York City can help make sure you get the right pipes, at the right size. They can also make sure they get installed properly

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