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Thawing a Frozen Pipe

The winter months are never kind to plumbing fixtures. When the temperature starts to drop, homeowners can face many issues. One common problem that homeowners deal with during the winter is a frozen pipe.

Address a frozen pipe immediately. If not, it can have serious repercussions. If a frozen pipe is not seen to as soon as possible, it can burst. A burst pipe can cause severe water damage to your home.

If you turn on your faucet during the winter and no water comes out, this usually means that a pipe is frozen. When a pipe is frozen, the first thing to do is locate it. Common places to look for the frozen pipe are drafty basements or attics and uninsulated walls. These are areas where the pipes are usually exposed to cold air.

When you locate the frozen pipe, thaw it immediately. Put the pipe on heat but not over an open flame. Turning up your heat is recommended, but it will not be enough to solve the issue. Only turning up the temperature on the thermostat will take too long to work. After turning up the heat, open all cabinets with pipes, so the heat will properly circulate.

Using a handheld dryer on the pipes is also recommended. Run the dryer back and forth along the pipe. Using heat tape, also known as heat cable, can help to thaw a frozen pipe. The tape should be wrapped evenly around the pipe and then turned on. The tape should be removed once the pipe is thawed and the water is flowing properly again.

A thawed pipe is a common issue that homeowners face during the winter months. It is a matter that needs to be addressed immediately or else it can become a huge problem. If a frozen pipe is not thawed, it will burst. If the pipe does burst, contact a professional plumber NYC. Plumbers NYC will be able to repair the burst pipe and assist with water damage cleanup.

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