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Should you insulate your Pipes?

Homeowners in NYC rarely think about insulating their pipes, but all competent contractors know to thoroughly insulate pipes, in order to keep plumbing systems safe and effective. Proper pipe insulation is one of the most important aspects of any home plumbing. Properly insulated pipes improve the performance of a plumbing system, and help to extend the life of a pipe by shielding it from extreme temperatures and environment conditions.

You should always contact an emergency plumber in NYC, if you are concerned about the status of your pipes, and want to find out if they are properly insulated. There are many indicators that signify insufficient insulation:

Frozen Pipes: the most commonly seen result of an inadequately insulated pipe is a frozen pipe. Any pipe that is not shielded from the cold will freeze in the winter temperatures. Water left standing in a drain freezes and expands, which causes the pipe to become completely blocked. If the water expands enough, it can cause tiny cracks in the line or cause the pipe to burst completely.  The cost of insulating a pipe is significantly less than fixing a burst pipe so it is wise to be proactive and protect your pipes before any extensive damage occurs.  Most people are under the false impression that only outside pipes should be shielded from the cold, but pipes located in basements, crawl spaces, sinks, and garages are also subject to freezing temperatures.

Lower your energy bill: improperly insulated pipes largely effect how much energy is needed to heat a home. Without appropriate insulation, pipes have a very low thermal efficiency. This means that your hot water heater will use more energy to keep hot water flowing through cold pipes.

Pipe insulation is a job that should be left for the professionals.  Most pipes are insulated with fiberglass and minerals that are combined by closed-cell glass products. Glass insulation presents a strong barrier against cold, moisture, and helps the pipes stay warm and dry.  The hardest aspect of pipe insulation is keeping the material dry.  Most insulation is made from polyurethane foam, which is a superb material for limiting the accumulation of moisture.

If you want to learn more about pipe insulation, or think that you need to have work done to your pre-existing system, contact an emergency plumber in NYC for more information or service. Insulating pipes is a difficult job, and it is wise to enlist the help of a professional to properly protect your plumbing system.

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