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Protecting the Kitchen Sink

The pipes in any kitchen sink are under a constant barrage of food items, grease, and sticky substances.  Most plumbing systems in NYC are susceptible to the harsh wear and tear of daily use, and require proper maintenance to mitigate clogs. Most apartment buildings in NYC are very old, and have pipes made out of narrow iron plumbing that is more likely to clog. It is easy to keep your pipes clear and clean by hiring an emergency plumber in NYC to provide maintenance to your pipes.

The first step towards a healthy plumbing system is to practice good, preventative behavior.  There are some items that should never be poured down your kitchen sink.  Coffee ground, fats, and cooking grease should be filtered and discarded in the trash.  Most homeowners and apartment renters make the mistake of allowing these items to spiral down the drain.  By placing a sink strainer over the sinkhole, you can filter out large food particles by simply cleaning the strainer. 

Most sinks can be cleaned and maintained with the proper use of water.  It is wise to let your sink fill up completely, and drain out all the way. You can use a stopper to let the force of the water clean the pipes. If your sink doesn’t come with a stopper, you should pour at least 4 cups of boiling water down the drain to help unlogged debris and grease build ups in the pipes. Many home improvement stores sell drain cleaners that are mainly comprised of corrosive chemicals.  Although these chemicals provide a quick fix, they also erode pipes and cause structural damage. If the boiling water does not free up a clog, call an emergency plumber in NYC, instead of using drain cleaners.

Due to the green revolution, non-toxic, environmentally friendly products have been developed to clean drains. Prior to the environmental movement, bleach was used to disinfect the pipes and dissolve clogs. Although this method was effective, it caused significant harm to water sources.

All homeowners should schedule regular check ups with emergency plumbers. Plumbing issues are often only fixed when there is an apparent problem, which is an expensive way to deal with faulty pipes.  If you mitigate the  small issues, before they get large, you can save money and increase the longevity of your pipes. If you need more information, it is best to contact an emergency plumber in NYC for more information.

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