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Picking the Best Sink

24 Plumbers in New YorkGetting yourself a new bathroom sink can help to make your bathroom more functional as well as more astatically pleasing. Most people go shopping without thinking about the important practical questions that need to be asked. Instead, they will go to a hardware store and look almost exclusively at the style/shape of the sink. If you go shopping with this mindset, you will not get a sink that will be optimized in your bathroom. You need to consider installation type, innovations, and size. Below we will be going over some of the things you should consider when shopping for new sinks.

Out of all the things to consider, there are three that are most important: installation, configuration, and material.

When thinking about installation, you are thinking about how the sink will be installed into your countertop and/or faucet (sometimes there might be no countertop). There are several installation types, and each of them is different. Of course, ascetics are important when looking at sinks, but that isn't the only thing to consider. For smaller bathrooms, where space is an issue, you will want to consider wall mount type installation or pedestal types. Both these types of sinks, when installed, lay flush against the wall of the bathroom. The difference between wall mounts and pedestal mounts is that pedestals have a section underneath (the sink rests on this pedestal). You also have self-rimming, undermount, and console sinks. Knowing the difference between each type will help you navigate through your choices better.

The configuration of a sink refers to how the sink is designed relative to your faucet.  You need to make sure that the sink you pick out is compatible with your old faucet, or you must make sure you pick a sink that will fit the faucet your want. Try and think about the two purchases together rather than separately.

Sinks come in many different materials. Again, ascetics are important, but know that different materials have different lifespans and ease of care. Cast iron and porcelain sinks are extremely durable; however, they can chip if banged hard enough. If you chip cast iron then it will expose the base layer (this can lead to rust if not treated).  Glass, stone, concrete, and metal are all different options for sink material. Make sure you pick a sink based on its functionality as well as ascetics.

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