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Maintaining Hot Water this winter

New York City is known to experience frigid temperatures during the winter. Many homes and apartments in the city use water heaters to provide warmth to their homes. There are many different cost effective ways to increase the efficiency of a water heater and make sure that it produces hot water all winter long. Without a functional water heater, homeowners and apartment dwellers would not be able to survive through the cold winter.

Caring for your water heater will yield cleaner, warmer, and cheaper water. For example, adding insulation to your system reduces heat loss by over forty percent and can lower water-heating costs by ten percent. Below are some helpful tips as to how you can maintain your hot water heater throughout the winter.

Step one:

The first step towards maintaining hot water is to test the Temperature-pressure-release (TPR) of your hot water heater.  To do so, shut off both the power and cold-water supply valve.  Then, place a container underneath the pipe affixed to the TPR valve. This should be located on either the top or side of the water tank. Lift up the tab on the valve to let a small amount of water out, then let go. If the water continues to flow, partially drain the tank, unscrew the old valve, and install a new one.

Step Two:

The next maintenance suggestion is to check the Anode Rod. To do so, put a hose to the tanks drain and release a few gallons of water. After, affix a 1 1/16th-inch-socket onto the Anode Rod’s hex head, which is located on the top of the heater.  Next, unscrew the rod and inspect the cap. If the coat is less than ½ inch thick, buy a new piece and wrap its threads with Teflon tape.

Step Three:

Next, you will want to drain the residual water in the tank and wash out the stagnant sediment.  Drain the rest of the water into a container, and then stir up sediment that is situated on the bottom of the tank. Allow some water to come in through the cold water supply valve, and repeat the process until clean water comes out of the hose.

If you feel uncomfortable with doing any of these steps, it is wise to contact a local emergency plumber in NYC. Emergency plumbers in NYC are able to arrive quickly, and take care of any maintenance problem with ease.

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