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Getting the Right Plunger for the Job

The plunger can be an incredibly useful tool for all homeowners. The majority of clogs can be handled without calling in the services of a professional. When a clog occurs in your home, you can typically use a plunger to resolve the issue. However, if you are not using the correct plunger, the job will be much more challenging.

When purchasing a plunger for your home, there are two types to choose from: cup/sink or flange/toilet plunger. Each plunger type is used for different plumbing fixtures. It may be beneficial to have both plunger types in your home, but you will need to know which ones to use at the time of a clog.

The cup plunger is the shape that most associate with plungers. They are the most common but they should never be used on a toilet. Because of their shape, these plungers will not be able to properly seal in the toilet. The inability to seal will not allow them to suction.

The cup plunger is ideal when you are dealing with a clog in your kitchen sink, bathroom sink, or bathtub. This type of plunger works best on a flat surface. A flat surface will allow it to seal around the drain and suction efficiently.

The second type of plunger, the flange plunger, is ideal for clogs in the toilet. The bottom rubber flap of the plunger folds so it can fit the opening at the bottom of the toilet comfortably. This process will allow proper suction to unclog the drain.

While most clogs can be handled using a household plunger, there will be more serious clogs. A clog that does not clear up using a plunger will need the assistance of emergency plumber NYC. Call a plumber immediately to fix the clog and ensure that the problem does not worsen.

Emergency Services

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