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Finding the Cause of your Low Water Pressure

Low water pressure can bring minor discomfort, but can also shut down basic plumbing functions at your house. It is important to know that you do not have to live with low water pressure. Sometimes it can make showering and cleaning dishes impossible. There are certain ways to go about fixing water pressure without calling for an emergency plumber. Below we will be going over different things you can do to enhance plumbing at your home.

Before going to fix your pressure you must check your water pressure throughout the house. Once you have found all the places with low water pressure, it will be easier for you to eliminate some of the possible causes for the problem. Go check the kitchen, bathroom(s), basement, and even your outdoor faucets (such as hose hookups). Sometimes when you are dealing with low water pressure in one place it spreads to others. When going to test your faucets, make sure that you run both the hot and cold water. Sometimes pressure can only be bad for hot water and vice versa. If you have low pressure for only hot water, then chances are you are dealing with a water heater issue.

If it turns out that you only have low pressure in one spot then your issue could very well be your faucet. You could be dealing with a clogged faucet or aerator. If you suspect that this is the problem then you should remove the end of the faucet. If you see any debris in the faucet or aerate, you should try soaking it in a vinegar and water solution. If this doesn't work then you can replace both parts rather inexpensively. If this still doesn't work then the problem is more severe.
If you find that pressure is low throughout the house, then you have a problem that is big bigger than cleaning/replacing faucets. Find the shut off valve and your PRV because these could be the problems. If you find leaky pipes or water mains then this will affect pressure. You can look for leaks a few ways. There may be water spots in your basement or around water fixtures. Look for any dark spots on the walls and ceilings. Pipes can be leaking behind walls.

If you find your water pressure issue to be beyond your control then call out for emergency plumbing. If you try to fix your pressure and you do not know what you are doing then you might potentially make things worse.

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