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Don't Put This Down Your Drain

It is hard not to look at our drains as magical things. We pour items down them, and they seem to disappear instantly. This way of thinking is not only incorrect, but it is also harmful. Many things can severely damage drains when poured down them.

Coffee grounds, grease, fats, and oil are the most common items poured down drains. Most homeowners assume that they are completely safe for pipes. However, plumbers could not disagree more. They say that these items are among the most dangerous for pipes as they cause the most blockages.

Another thing that frequently finds its way down sink pipes is produce stickers. Many times these can be poured down drains without anyone realizing. Due to their adhesive back, these stickers can get stuck in pipes. Homeowners should be extra careful when rinsing their produce to ensure the stickers do not wind up down the drain.

Paint is another item commonly poured down drains. Because of its liquid form, most people assume that paint will easily go down sink drains. However, most municipalities have specific requirements regarding disposal of paint.

Other items frequently poured down drains are eggshells, cleaning products, car fluids, and medications. Plumbers stress that homeowners avoid these items at all costs. They are harmful to your pipes and can lead to blockages.

If any of the above items are poured down the drain, the pipes could become damaged or clogged. If a problem with your pipes does arise, contact a plumber NYC. Professional plumbers NYC will be able to fix the problem and avoid future issues.

Emergency Services

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