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Different Methods for Keeping Your Drains and Pipes Clean

Plumbers in NYCMost people, at some point in their life, deal with clogged or slowly draining pipes. Whether it is the sink, toilet, bathtub, or something similar, these pipes are prone to getting clogged for several different reasons. This article doesn't go into the different causes for slow and clogged drains, but instead focuses on different ways to fix this problem. Some of the methods require skill and tools, but some are doable by people who know little to noting about plumbing.

There is something called enzymatic drain cleaners. These products contain bacteria and a concentrated form of enzymes. The end result creates organic residue, which helps to prevent problems in advance. This means that the cleaner is something that should be used periodically, so that problems in the future do not arise. If you try this method once a clog has begun then it won't do very much.

If you can get your hands on a sewer jetter then you might be able to clean out your drains. This machine uses highly pressurized water that is meant to blast through backups in pipes. Different jetters come in different psi, and all can come with different attachments for different applications. These machines can be expensive, so it might be more practical to call an emergency plumber to do this job.

An at-home remedy cleaner can sometimes clean as well as a chemical cleaner.  With boiling water, baking soda, and vinegar, you can clean some basic clogs. Usually, it works to breakup soap and hair clogs. If there is a serious clog of grease, or some other buildup, then you will want to go with a method that is more aggressive.

Chemical drain cleaners can come as a solid or a liquid. You can get these at most hardware stores, grocery shops, and even larger drug stores. Be cautious to read the back of the bottle before buying; some of the strong cleaners are intended for use by trained plumbers: Usually, this is the acidic cleaner. Alkaline cleaners are what most common people have in their homes.

There is also something called a plumbing snake, or a drain auger. This is one of the most commonly used drain cleaning methods after chemical drain cleaners. Many plumbers even claim that this is a better method than water jetting.

Do not live with backed up drains and pipes.

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