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Common Toilet Issues

Plumbing issues are inevitable. If you own a home, at one point you will find yourself dealing with issues with your plumbing fixtures. It is incredibly common for problems to arise in the bathroom, particularly with the toilet. Some issues will be complicated and require the assistance of a professional plumber. However, there will be some common problems that homeowners will be able to handle themselves.

Water trickling into the bowl, also known as phantom flushes, is an incredibly common toilet issue. If you hear your toilet begin to refill even though no flushing occurred, then there is a problem. The primary cause of phantom flushes is a slow leak from the tank to the bowl. You can fix this issue by draining the tank and bowl and checking the flapper. If the flapper is damaged, replace it.

Sometimes, instead of trickling into the bowl, water will begin to leak into the tank. A sustained hissing sound from the toilet indicates that water is seeping into the tank. When this is occurring, there is a problem with either the float, the refill tube and the ballcock, or inlet valve assembly. Inspect these items and have them replaced or repaired if damaged.

Another common toilet problem is the water in the bowl emptying slowly. If you notice that the bowl is draining slowly, there are probably clogged holes under the rim of the bowl. You can clean out the holes by poking each hole with a curved piece of wire. Just be careful when performing this procedure because you do not want to scratch the toilet.

One of the most common bathroom issues is a clog. The most useful tool to clear a clog is a plunger. When dealing with a more serious clog, you will want to use a closet auger. You use the auger by inserting the end into the drain hole and twisting the handle while pushing the rotor downward.

Leaky seals are one more issue that many homeowners will face. Most toilets have five seals that are all susceptible to leaking. If a leak occurs with any of the seals, they will need replacing.
While some issues in the bathroom are fixable on their own, there will be times that you will need the assistance of emergency plumbing NYC. Some problems will not see a resolution without a professional. A professional will be able to fix the problem and try to prevent it from happening in the future.

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