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Best Practices for using a Plunger

A toilet is such a vital part of any home that when it breaks, it can seem like an emergency situation. If you panic, chances are you will make decisions that could hurt your toilet and your wallet. When your toilet clogs, and all toilets do at some point, the first line of defense should be a toilet plunger. Of course, not all problems can be fixed with a plumber, and so if plunging doesn't solve your problem you should reach out for a plumber NYC.

It is hard to a good job plunging when using a plunger that is incompatible with your toilet. You want to use a plunger that has a diameter that is slightly wider than the drain. If it is too big you'll have a weak seal, and if it is too small you will have no seal. Also, when faced with buying a plunger, you should opt for the more expensive flange plunger, which has an extension that makes it a more effective tool.

The water level of your bowl matters when trying to plunge. If there is a lack of water, you will not be able to create a proper seal. If the water is higher than usual, it will create a big mess when plunging. Add or bail out water as needed. If bailing out water, make sure to cover your hands and exposed skin.

If your plunger doesn't help remove the clog in your pipes, call a plumber NYC.

Emergency Services

NYC Plumbing and Heating provides Emergency Plumbing and heating Services in NYC. 24/7 Emergency Service by Our Fully Trained and Proficient Emergency Maintenance Engineers are available 24 Hours 7 Days a week, 365 days a year to attend to your problems.
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