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Avoiding Plumbing Problems this winter

The most appropriate time of year to think about the pipes that supply water to and from your home is wintertime. When a pipe bursts, no matter the time of the year, it is annoying and can be expensive to fix. When a pipe bursts during the winter, it can be much worse. There is one simple reason why the wintertime is the worst time: during the winter, it is more common for hot water pipes to break. Losing hot water in the dead of winter could be unbearable in certain cases, especially if living with the old or very young.

Statistically proven, it is more common for hot water pipes to burst when the outside temperatures drop. The reason that hot water pipes are more susceptible to breaks is because of how hot water systems are built. For instance, a toilet is built with a device that regulates pressure, and can even offer relief in certain circumstances. The biggest issue with the cold and pipes is a rise in pressure inside the pipes. Not all hot water systems, and especially older ones, are built with systems the regulate pressure, and so this is why hot water pipes are more likely to burst.
Considering that pipes are more likely to break during the winter, putting people at risk of losing hot water, it is important to take action before the weather really drops.

The first thing you need to take into account is the current condition of your pipes. Are you living in an older home or apartment? If you are, your pipes might have deteriorated and rotted, which could make bursts happen easier. In cases where pipers are rather worn, it is best to replace them prior insulating them. Insulating a worn pipe can be a good temporary fix, but it is just that, a temporary fix.

The best thing to do for your pipes is to make sure that they are insulated. Not only should you insulate, but also you must make sure it is done properly.  A bad insulation job can be worse than nothing at all.

Even with insulated pipes, you want to make sure that you run your water frequently. Leaving your home for a week or two, in cold weather, can harm your pipes. You want to make sure to run your water/hot water daily.

If your water stops running, you must reach out for an emergency plumber in NYC, New York. Waiting will only make the problem worse.

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